Personal Hygiene: Imperative For All

Personal Hygiene: Imperative For All


Prevention is better than cure! Personal hygiene is of utmost importance today, especially looking at the working environment in the multi-national companies and the other places around us. The environment we live in today is home to innumerable viruses and bacteria, each responsible for over a dozen health conditions, some severe while many fatal. In these conditions, the only way to ensure health safety is by taking every single care possible in Personal Hygiene. Be men or women, personal hygiene can help us live a safe, healthy and longer life.

At SafetyKart, Personal Hygiene is given special importance for both the genders alike. It is home to the widest range of herbal medications, personal hygiene products (lotions, sanitizers, soaps, toilet sanitizers, lip balms, etc.) intimate hygiene products and more. May it be medications to boost your immunity, pills for respiratory and allergy care, or herbs to cure digestive issues, you will find them all at SafetyKart.

Personal Hygiene is inclusive of bathing, washing hands, body odor, intimate hygiene care for women and men, bad breath, etc. Maintaining each of these hygiene factors is important to stay away from illness. Here is a brief about each of these hygiene factors, on how you can care for your health and stay healthy.


Body Odour 

Every individual has a different body odor which is caused due to a number of factors, including:

  • Chemicals present in the sweat and Pheromones.
  • Body waste excreted via the skin.
  • Reactions of bacteria living on the skin surface that feed on the dead skin cells.
  • Unwashed or improperly washed clothes.

Tip: Using healthcare products like a good body hydrating body wash and soap to fight body bacteria and keep the skin healthy. For instance, a Neem and Turmeric soap is the best for fighting body germs.


Hand Wash

Washing our hands before and after eating is a must these days. Hands are the most primary carriers of germs leading to gastric or digestive infections. Thus, it is extremely important that you wash your hands often with medicated soaps or handwash, or also use hand sanitizers whenever needed.

Tip: Always keep a small pack of hand sanitizer in your bag for quick sanitization of your hands before eating your food.


Mouth Odour

Oral hygiene is also an important part of personal hygiene. You can take good care of your health and digestive tract by regularly brushing and flossing your teeth. Mouth odor can be caused due to dental diseases or infections. 

Tip: Use high quality oral care products such as toothbrushes, toothpaste and mouth freshners for maintaining oral hygiene.


Intimate hygiene for women

Personal hygiene is a great concern for women today. Working in varied fields nowadays, women are more exposed to germs due to unhygienic toilets and washrooms. Imagine, using a toilet in your reputed multinational company which has thousands of female staff members. Every time you use the washroom, you have the risk of conceiving Urinary infections. Using intimate hygiene products such as vaginal wash, wet wipes, sanitizers and toilet sanitizing sprays are the best options for ensuring your health safety.

Tip: Always keep a packet of wet wipes and toilet sanitizers like PeeSafe in your bag. They are best for keeping you dry and sanitizing the toilet seat before using it.


Intimate Hygiene for Men

If women are exposed to a range of urinary infections, men also need to take extra care during intercourse to avoid the chances of conceiving STDs. The only way to have a healthy intercourse is to use a quality condom.

Tip: Make sure you don’t have unprotected sex, as this can lead to several types of STDs, including AIDS which can be fatal for your health.

And above all, always take suggestions and consultation from your doctor to avoid extreme health conditions. Stay hygienic and Stay Healthy!!!

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