How to Keep Germs at Bay & Disinfect the Toilet Seat-PeeSafe

A lot of us dread using public washrooms as they are usually very dirty and loaded with germs and bacteria. But then when you have to go. You have to go and it is not possible and advisable to control your pee. So what can we do so to ensure a safe and hygienic toilet experience? Here are some tips towards sanitation and personal hygiene by disinfecting the toilet seat

Use toilet paper to make a toilet seat cover

Public washrooms in malls, movie halls, hospitals, airports etc. do have toilet paper rolls. Yes, I agree, the public washrooms on the roadside don’t. So if you are lucky enough to get a hold of a toilet roll then make full use of it. The toilet paper would prevent your skin from coming in contact with the germ and bacteria-infested toilet seat. Try & use at least two layers of paper over the toilet set so that it is covered properly. Once used remove the paper from the seat and either throw it in the trash can or flush it away. In case you are amongst the not so lucky ones to get the toilet paper but have a newspaper handy, then use the same in a similar way to safeguard yourself.

Disinfect the toilet seat using toilet paper and a hand sanitizer

Not a pleasant task to do, but if you want to save yourself from any infections while peeing then you need to do this. Use some toilet paper and clean the seat so that it is fit for use. You may also add some soap and water to the toilet paper to wipe the seat clean. If you are carrying a hand sanitizer then all the better . Add a few drops of the hand sanitizer on the toilet seat and then wipe it clean with the toilet paper. This would disinfect the seat to some extent.

Use a toilet seat sanitizer spray to be totally safe

Keeping a toilet seat sanitizer spray handy is surely is the best solution. This is a wonder product that helps reduce the germs and bacteria on the toilet seat and ensures a safe and hygienic experience . A few sprays of the toilet seat sanitizer starts disinfecting and sanitizing the area within 5 seconds . the toilet seat becomes safe for use once sprayed on. The toilet seat sanitizer spray is a must for good personal hygiene for women and it also acts as a toilet seat deodorizer and leaves a pleasant fragrance that actually masks the filthy smell of the public washroom . This truly is a toilet seat germ reducer spray and a must-have for all who use the public washrooms.

Clean the toilet seat with a wet-wipes

Wet-wipes again can come handy in cleaning the dirty toilet seats. The multi-use wet wipes can be used to clean the toilet seats and they can help in disinfecting and sanitizing the seat as they act as toilet seat sanitizer wipes. Agree, a little messy job again, but then it for your own good and hygiene. Always throw the used wipes in the trash can after use. It is imperative for women to use essential female hygiene products like Peesafe. If you are unable to follow any of the mentioned options then the only way to protect yourself will be to either call the cleaner to clean the seat for you or squat on the toilet seat and do the needful. If would be difficult but then when there is no other solution available, then it would be the best to do instead of sitting on the messy seat.

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