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My cup got stuck, but I'm not giving up.


Cup Chronicles: Chandni’s Experience

This isn’t an “OMG, my first time with cups was a success” story because while those are exceptional, mine was a different adventure. 

I ordered my first cup a month ago, right around my cycle, so I wouldn’t have to wait to try it. I prepped by reading a million articles and was quite confident about the process. 

I also wasn’t surprised when I had trouble inserting it because I knew it would take a few tries. And, once I found a fold that worked for me, I had the most amazing period experience. I mean, I was stretching in positions I hadn’t tried even during Yoga. 

On my third day, after a good night’s sleep, my cup wouldn’t come out. I did everything I’d read, but it just wouldn’t. Yes, I knew about the suction and I squatted as low as I could (quite proud of that), but my pretty pink cup decided to stay in there. 

I went to visit a gynaecologist and this whole incident wasn’t horrifying, mostly because of how sweetly she reacted. I was hoping I don’t get the “why did you try one, you’re young” and I didn’t. A nurse walked in, used some lube and pulled that pretty thing out in a jiffy. What my doctor said afterwards is the reason I’m writing this. 

“This is a trial and error process. Don’t worry, just try a bigger size.” 

Yeah, I’d just gotten the wrong size. Even after research and prepping, I missed out on something. And, the only reason I’m ready to try again is because of how comfortable the cup is. 

So, while I have a story I can always laugh about, I want to help you have a smoother transition. Here are a few things you can do to have a lovely cup experience.

1. Read. Watch. Repeat. 

The decision of switching to a cup might be a tough one because it’s new territory. And, it’s totally normal to feel nervous. 

Start by reading everything you can about the process to take your fear to a minimum. Apart from “how-to” articles, you’ll also find inspiring reviews by women who made the switch and are not looking back. 

You can start with Everything you need to know about Menstrual cups

2. Check your cervix height.

The reason my cup got stuck is that I got the wrong size. My cervix was higher and the cup had a place to move up. To avoid this, check your cervix height to know your cup size.

Pro tip: Check your cervix height during your menstruation for accurate results.  


3. DO IT!

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you have a cup lying in your drawer or in your cart. And, I’ve just got one thing to say, TRY IT. Take it from someone who’s not stopping even after such an incident because the experience is heavenly. 

Take your time and try it when you’re ready. And, the best place to do it is in the shower. Play some good music and put that tiny thing inside because hey, it’s totally worth it. 

The blog is written by Chandni Menda.

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