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Menstrual Disc: Period Sex Made Mess-Free


Do you feel aroused during periods?

It is very common to feel aroused during periods and you shouldn’t feel shameful about it. It happens due to the change in levels of estrogen in the body during menstruation. This results in an increase in sexual desire, hence you feel the need to do period sex with your partner. 

Sex during periods can be a good idea as it offers some great benefits to the menstruating individual. It can alleviate your period cramps and make your periods last for a comparatively shorter period of time because the menstrual fluid flows down at a faster rate during the orgasm. However, period sex can be messy. So in order to enjoy mess-free periods, you can use a menstrual disc.

What Is A Menstrual Disc?

A menstrual disc is a hygiene product designed for menstruating individuals. It is made up of medical-grade silicone and is meant to be inserted into the vagina. It has a great holding capacity and can hold up to 55 ml of menstrual blood for 12 hours. 

How Does Menstrual Disc Help In A Mess-Free Period Sex?

When wearing a menstrual disc, you have to insert it into the vagina and tuck it behind your pubic bone. In order to find your pubic bone, insert the finger into your vagina, curl it up and you would feel a hard part. This hard part is your pubic bone.

Since the menstrual disc sits on the higher side of the vaginal canal and at the base of your cervix, the vaginal canal remains free from blood. This ensures mess-free period sex.

Can A Menstrual Disc Get Lost After Period Sex?

Period sex can help you get rid of period cramps and boost your mood. However, you might be a little skeptical about losing it inside after the intercourse. 

Let us understand what happens at the time of arousal- the vaginal canal elongates during the orgasm. So, when you try to remove the menstrual disc just after period sex, you may not find it on the first go as it can move a bit higher than the usual position, hence difficult to reach. No need to panic, just relax! Wait for at least two hours, and let your cervix muscles relax. If you attempt to find the menstrual disc after a while, you would be able to find and pull it with no discomfort.

Can Menstrual Discs Replace Condoms?

This is one of the common menstrual disc myths. The menstrual disc is designed for maintaining menstrual hygiene. Even though it is inserted into the vagina, it doesn’t provide protection against pregnancy like condoms. You need to use a condom to prevent the risk of pregnancy if you are not aiming to conceive a baby.


It is absolutely normal to feel aroused during your periods. In fact, period sex can boost your mood and alleviate the cramps. If you want to enjoy mess-free sex during periods, you can use a menstrual disc. However, it is important to note that the menstrual disc does not function as a condom, so you should use a condom if you are not trying to conceive a baby. Additionally, it is recommended to wait for at least two hours in order to remove the menstrual disc after sex. To know more, visit the Pee Safe website.


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