Role of Panty Liners in Your Active Lifestyle

Role of Panty Liners in Your Active Lifestyle


Vaginal discharge is an almost everyday phenomenon. However, it may cause discomfort as it results in moistness in your underwear, which may lead to the risk of infection. This is where panty liners come in and save the day!

What are Panty Liners?

Panty Liners are small and thin absorbent pads made up of cotton. You are supposed to wear them during the days when you get a vaginal discharge or when you experience a surprise spot.

The panty liner absorbs this discharge and protects your underwear from getting unwanted spots, resulting in clean and dry underwear. 

Can I use a Panty Liner during Periods?

If we look for panty liners vs pads, then we can see that panty liners are very different from the usual sanitary pads that absorb menstrual blood. Due to the light-absorbing capacity of the panty liner, you should not use it during your period cycle. However, you can use it as a backup with tampons and menstrual cups, just to prevent spotting. 


Why should I incorporate panty liners into my active lifestyle?

Vaginal discharge is a natural phenomenon that depends upon your hormones and what day of the cycle it is. You can not physically control it. However, wear panty liners to keep yourself fresh and dry whenever the discharge strikes.

Here is how panty liners put your life at ease:

  • Absorbs Moisture: Panty liners have a cottony soft surface and a curvy design for extra comfort. They are 185mm wide, giving optimum coverage which ensures proper absorption.
  • Reduces the possibility of discolouration: Vaginal discharge is moderately acidic, which can cause discoloration in your underwear over time.  Panty liners help you keep your favourite panty protected from getting ruined.
  • Fresh and Dry: Panty liners absorb your discharge and come with non-allergenic, subtle aloe vera fragrance, resulting in a dry and fresh feeling.
  • Hygiene: The vaginal fluids contain bacteria which may increase the risk of catching an infection if the underwear stays moist for a long time. The use of panty liners is to create a barrier between your vagina and underwear, maintaining hygiene, keeping you feeling fresh and dry.

Things to keep in mind while using panty liners

Now that you have understood the concept and importance of panty liners, there are certain things you should keep in mind:

  • Change when needed: The panty liner has a limited absorbing capacity. Therefore, you should change it whenever needed.
  • Do not use it during the menstrual cycle: The menstrual cycle involves heavy blood flow, whereas the regular vaginal discharge or occasional spotting is very light. Panty liners are meant for the latter; therefore, avoid using them during your periods, other than using them as a backup with menstrual cups and tampons.
  • Dispose mindfully: As panty liners are a disposable product, it is important to dispose them off properly after use. When disposing, make sure to wrap it up in a paper and  throw it in the dustbin. Avoid flushing as it may cause plumbing issues.

Panty liners for an active lifestyle can be a great addition to maintain cleanliness and hygiene. Wear them when you experience vaginal discharge and spotting. They can save your favourite pair of underwear apart from keeping it clean and dry. Avoid wearing panty liners during your menstruation period because they are meant for light fluid flow purposes only and can result in leakage. To know more, visit the Pee Safe website.


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