Do menstrual cups affect your virginity?

Do menstrual cups affect your virginity?

Virginity is one of the biggest taboos in a country like India. 90% of the Indians still shy away from talking about this very topic. As soon as a girl starts menstruating, the go to product in India are Sanitary Pads. Tampons and Menstrual Cups are the last option they would look into because of the biggest myth that exists in our country. They are advised to only use sanitary napkins which will keep their “virginity” intact!


Scientifically, a person is a virgin who has never had sexual intercourse with another person. Virginity is just a concept which resides in the “minds” of people. The person will not be called a virgin when a person has had sexual intercourse with another person, which is totally fine.

The question now arises, what does virginity have to do with Menstrual Cups?

The female body is beautifully complex. Inside this beautiful body, there is a thin tissue located at the opening of the vagina known as hymen. Every body is different and so is the tissue. Some bodies have extremely small tissues that it seems like they do not even have a hymen.

These tissues can break or stretch even if some minor physical activities are performed like horse riding, swimming, stretching, gyming or even while performing yoga. And in some cases, the hymen remains unaffected even after having sexual intercourse. 

So most of the young girls, are worried about the fact that if they use a menstrual cup their hymen will break or stretch causing them to lose their virginity. Relying totally on the hymen as a way of checking whether the person is a virgin or not is totally wrong. 

Virginity is only lost when you involve with another person, rather to any menstrual care product.

Also, a menstrual cup will never harm or stretch away your vagina, because the vagina itself is like a elastic band, which would get back in shape after stretching out. Infact, it is not just the most comfortable way of being on your periods, but is environmental friendly as well as the cup lasts upto 5 years.

So whether you are a young girl or an adult, you can use menstrual cups without harming your virginity. As virginity now is more of a mindset and emotion. 

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