Adults spend more time in the Loo than in the Gym

Adults spend more time in the Loo than in the Gym


Health is wealth' is an age-old adage that we all know about. Exercise is the most important aspect of good health. Good health in most situations also means that you need to instill healthy habits in order to remain healthy. All humans need at least 30 minutes of exercise to remain active and healthy. Most people, however, prefer to spend more time in their loo than to spend time in exercise.

On average, a person visits the toilet 2500 times a year and 6-8 times a day. This means that we spend an average of three hours and nine minutes in a week and about three years of our lives in the bathroom.

Nothing like loo time, isn't it? There's something strangely relieving about being able to sit down and relieve yourself of how hectic life can be. If you happen to be part of the guilty majority, you're probably sitting in the bathroom a lot longer than you really need.


 A lot of people say that escape is a factor, with peace and quiet high on the list of things people associate with the smallest room. Some people think the restroom is the only place they're going to have time for themselves. While some people are going to go back to the restroom to think about it. People now spend hours playing games on their smartphones in the restroom. That's all right, because you can justify it as being a "me" time.


LET'S GET TO IT: reasons why you shouldn’t sit on the toilet for a long duration of time.

Toilet seats are a hotbed for bacteria and viruses; there is no question about it. It is estimated that there are 50 bacteria per square inch in the toilet seat. E–coli and Shigella are the bacteria most commonly found in toilet seats.


 Luckily, many of these microorganisms have only survived on the surface of the toilet seat for a very short time. In addition, our skin and urethral and genital mucosa are good barriers. They help to prevent bacteria and viruses from entering our bodies. As a result, the risk of these organisms being transferred from the toilet seat to make us ill is minimal.When we say the risk is minimal, it doesn't guarantee that we can't get an infection. There is always fear that infection will be contracted. Now, however, there is no need to worry about the toilet, which is one of the most peaceful places. We've got Pee Safe Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray to save the day.


What can we do?

A Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray is the best solution to sit in the toilet with complete peace of mind without the fear of contracting an infection. Pee Safe should be sprayed all over the toilet seat every time you sit on it. Pee Safe Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray is a unique formula developed by experts that protect from germs breeding on the toilet seat.

Don’t fear when Pee Safe is near!


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