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Your Pocket-Sized On-The-Go Hygiene Solution: Portable Jet Spray

Portable Jet Spray

In this fast-paced world, where everyone is always on the go, it can be a little hard to focus upon personal hygiene and preferences. Especially if you’re a frequent traveller and always on the move, whether it be business trips or trips for leisure, your basic preferences can take a backseat. Like when you’re travelling abroad and you only find toilet paper in the washrooms, it is quite unpleasant to say the least, because you’re not used to it, but still, you adjust. 

Well, you don’t have to adjust anymore! We’ve got the perfect solution for that problem right here!

What Is A Portable Jet Spray?

A Portable Jet Spray is the compact and travel-friendly solution to your problem. It is a handheld device that is specially designed to provide an effective and convenient solution to maintain personal hygiene when you’re on the move. So, say bye to that icky feeling you get after using toilet paper. Get the comfort of a bidet, wherever you want!

Advantages Of Using A Portable Jet Spray

As if being the solution to your problem wasn’t enough, the Portable Jet Spray also has a lot of advantages to its name.

Comfort And Convenience

It is an obvious given that travelling on its own is an exhausting task and when you have to carry that icky feeling with you that you get after using toilet paper, it becomes even more exhausting. Portable Jet Spray gives you the comfort of losing that icky feeling and offers you the convenience of being able to maintain personal hygiene, no matter where you’re going.

Compact Design

It’s in the name people! It’s a “Portable” Jet Spray. The product is designed keeping the travel aspect in mind. It can easily fit in your luggage, travel bag, and even your pocket! And there is a bonus. And it’s so lightweight, you won’t feel any extra burden.

Environmental Impact

Using toilet paper, wet wipes or tissues on the daily has a huge impact on the environment. The manufacturing and usage of the same creates a huge ecological footprint. Using water, and in extension, the jet spray can help reduce the ecological footprint. 

Easy To Use

Portable Jet Spray is quite easy to use, clean, and store. It is user-friendly and requires minimal setup. It is a quick and efficient solution to maintain personal hygiene.

Adjustable Water Pressure

The Portable Jet Spray comes with adjustable water pressure and allows you to adjust it according to your preference. It has 2 speed modes- soft and strong so you can set it up, just how you like it!

Battery Operated

The Portable Jet Spray does not require you to constantly keep on charging it before use. It is battery-operated. So, just put 2 AAA batteries in it and use!

How To Use The Portable Jet Spray?

As we told you before, this product is the solution and not the problem. So, it is obviously very easy to use.

  1. Just uncap the body of the bidet and insert 2 AAA batteries
  2. Fill the water tank with clean water, it holds up to 140ml of water. Turn on the jet spray.
  3. Adjust the nozzle position according to your preference. Regulate the water pressure with control buttons. The bidet has 2 water pressure modes- soft and strong.
  4. Direct the nozzle to the desired position and use it.
  5. Turn off the jet spray after use and dry the nozzle with a clean cloth.

    Whether travelling or not, comfort and hygiene should never take a backseat. Elevate your travel experience and get rid of that icky, post-toilet paper use feeling. Using the Portable Jet Spray for travelling is your best bet for maintaining personal hygiene on the go. 

    So, don’t compromise on personal hygiene, no matter where the journey of life takes you! 


    ✍️ This article was curated by Kanchan Kapoor


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