Ten Tips for A Smooth Shave at Home

Ten Tips for A Smooth Shave at Home


With all our work, busy schedules, and the never-ending pandemic, we must be safe for our families. You might not be able to pamper yourself at the salon, but you can definitely shave as clean and safely as possible. Follow these ten tips that will help you with a smooth shave!


Use a Clean Razor
This is must! Clean your razor with warm water before shaving. It will lubricate the blades and remove all unwanted dirt.

Exfoliate your skin.
Exfoliation removes all the dirt and dead skin. And you may think “I take a shower every day, I can’t possibly have dirt” but you’ll be surprised once you start exfoliating. It also pushes out the hair from any under skin growth which is quite common.

Soak your skin with water.
Before you use a razor, soak yourself in the bathtub (shouldn’t need a reason for this) or shower for a few minutes. The steam softens the hair and opens follicles. It gives a close, comfortable shave, and you are less likely to see fresh stubble.

Use Shaving Cream.
Razors and dry skin can be a deadly combination. Never use a razor on your dry skin as it can cause irritation and burns. Shaving cream provides proper lubrication and smoothens the skin for a better finish.

Check the direction of your hair growth.
Shave in the direction of hair growth for a closer shave and more successful hair removal.

Be Gentle.
Do not be in a hurry while using a razor. Move the razor gently over your skin to avoid cuts or scratches. Enjoy the process!


Moisturize after shaving.
Moisturizing is one activity that never goes in vain. After shaving, use a moisturizer on your skin to prevent dryness and flakiness. It will keep your skin soft and hydrated. 

Clean your razor after use.
Wash the razor well with water to clean any hair on it. You can do this by simply placing it under running water.

Store your razor in a dry place.
Razors should be treated the same as your toothbrushes. Keep them clean, covered and away from any unhygienic areas. To avoid the blade from rusting, wipe the razor and store it in a dry place for using it again next time. 

Do not think too much!
All of us hear different opinions about how shaving body hair leads to thicker growth. So, while you are shaving the next time, do not concentrate on these opinions as body hair is genetic and cannot be controlled by any razor. We haven’t come that far in technology!

However, to shave or not to shave is your choice entirely!

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