Shower The Stress Away!

Shower The Stress Away!


 I don’t quite remember the transition from considering showering a chore to dedicating time for two showers a day. But today, I’m glad it happened naturally because the fresh feeling after a good, relaxing shower is what I look forward to on most days. 

It is also that feeling that makes me want to show more people what a 10-minute “chore” can do to our minds. So, if you’re someone who steps into the shower just because you have to, then I’ve got the most simple ways to make your routine showers an almost effortless pampering session.


  • Ditch the regular bulb

Walking into a space that looks like the sky after the sun sets is (unbelievably) the nicest mood for a shower. This setting is especially perfect for showers before bed because warm lighting is known to calm the mind. So, find a tiny, warm light that aligns with your preference and your wall colours, of course. 

  • Candles ㅡ Not just for the bedroom

If you’ve already got lovely-smelling candles in your washroom, then you know they work like a charm. Just like aroma candles set the mood for bed, dinners and more, they also instantly make showers feel like self-care and fun. Pick up that extra candle now because I’m sure you’ll never look back.

  • The products

Now, if you’ve already tried everything to not hate showering, then the right products are probably what you missed out on. Sure, there are candles, the lighting is perfect, and you’ve probably also got pretty bathroom curtains, but regular soap? A big no, and a major buzzkill. Take it from someone who’s successfully set up an enjoyable shower mood that all efforts go in vain the second you forget about the products. 

After experimenting, I found the kind of fragrances I enjoy ー fresh, fruity body washes. So, take some time to try out different shower gels, natural scrubs and more because, in no time, you’ll find a product that makes you WANT to step into the shower. 

  • The soundtrack

While this might not be something most people prefer in the morning, it is still the best way to spend 15 minutes before bed. Your preferred music is the last piece you need to add to your new, beautiful shower setting.

Just in case shower shopping (if I may call it that) is not the next thing on your to-do list then, I’ve got to remind you that your next shower is probably just a few hours away. And not taking the opportunity to completely change the way a shower feels would a million boring showers to come.


✍️ This article was curated by Chandni Menda.

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