No More Toxic Repellents: Bid Goodbye to Mosquitoes Naturally with MoskitoSafe

No More Toxic Repellents: Bid Goodbye to Mosquitoes Naturally with MoskitoSafe


Summer is the perfect time to bring out our inner child and the freedom that one experiences during this season is like no other. The heat, the colours, the adrenaline, and energy are often at their maximum level. We all love to step outside and have some fun, but it also brings out some uninvited guests.  It can be hard to walk outside without being swarmed by mosquitoes. No one wants to wear long clothes in the heat just to prevent mosquito bites, but the bugs can be relentless. Even during monsoons when it comes to enjoying the outdoors, mosquitoes are unavoidable. In fact, mosquitoes come out in full force during monsoons.


The Issue

All mosquitoes do not feed on blood though. The male mosquito only drinks nectar, whereas female mosquitoes nourish their developing eggs with protein-rich blood. Actually, female mosquitoes prefer to bite ankles and wrists, where blood vessels are nearer to the skin’s surface. A higher body temperature and more sweat make you more likely to be bitten. When these mosquitoes bite they inject whatever disease they’re carrying. But not all mosquito bites are harmful but these bites surely leave a nasty bump which is itchy and painful. This does not mean that we should stop enjoying our seasons because we are scared of mosquito bites. There are many natural ways that can help to keep mosquitoes at a distance.


The Solution

There are various home remedies but these home remedies can be time-consuming. The best option to protect ourselves from these nasty creatures naturally and quickly is by using mosquito repellents. Markets are flooded with many types of mosquito repellents that have DEET in it. These are effective but can be toxic in the long run. In this day and age, we want some kind of a repellent that is safe and made with natural ingredients and is effective and easy to use at the same time.

That is the reason why mosquito repellent like MoskitoSafe is recommended.  The water-based Moskitosafe Spray is available in a plastic pump bottle which is chemical-free. Yet it creates a powerful bug barrier on your clothing and exposed skin.

MoskitoSafe is a natural mosquito repellent. MoskitoSafe mosquito repellent spray is enriched with natural Citronella and Neem oil and is free of alcohol and DEET. It is absolutely safe for the skin. It can be regularly used to keep away from mosquito-borne diseases like dengue, malaria, and chikungunya. Moskitosafe spray is tried and tested that can effectively avoid mosquitoes naturally for up to 3-4 hours.

MoskitoSafe provides round the clock protection from mosquitoes both indoors and outdoors and keeps diseases at bay with a few sprays. The scent of the spray is pleasing to human but noxious to insects.  Now you can relax on the patio, camp in the woods, and enjoy nature without being bothered by swarms of biting bugs!


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