There are a lot of contraceptive methods. But the barrier method-that is, the use of condoms-is the most common. People use condoms so often that the value of the condom market is more than USD 4 billion. While male condoms are the ones that receive flashy advertisements and billboards, female condoms also exist. And they basically work for the same purposes-that is, to reduce the chance of pregnancy and STDs-but look very different. 

So, which is better? And which is more effective? Let us see. 


Male Condoms  

It's latex. Polyurethane. Polyisoprene. These are some of the materials used to make male condoms. For those allergic to latex, condoms made of lambskin are also available. It is excellent in the fight against STIs such as HIV, chlamydia, gonorrhoea and guarantees 85% prevention against conception.

Male condoms are inexpensive and available everywhere. There's also a large selection of them to choose from. There are lubricated condoms, flavoured condoms, ribbed and dotted condoms, ultra-thin condoms, and spermicide condoms (they kill sperm). The options are endless, all designed to maximise pleasure. 


Female Condoms  

The female condom is an internal condom, which means that it is placed inside the vaginal canal to keep partners from sharing body fluids and making direct contact with each other. Made of soft, thin material, it is pre-lubed on both sides and ensures that there is only the utmost pleasure for everyone involved. This particular feature is more significant since male condoms are known to reduce sensation. But those who use a female condom report that it only increases their impact and sensation. Thus, the people—even the men—prefer it to the male condom.

Female condoms are also more reliable, considering that latex is temperature sensitive. You can also insert a female condom up to 8 hours in advance, which means no interruption during intercourse!

Inserting requires a lot of practise. If you don't place it correctly, it makes the condom meaningless. It can also lead to discomfort during sex. Female condoms are not easy to find. Don’t worry, we got you covered for this one.

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