How To Take Care Of Your Skin And Hygiene This Holi?

How To Take Care Of Your Skin And Hygiene This Holi?

Holi Preparation Tips

Holi's knocking on our doors, and there's no holding back on the fun – whether it's enjoying thandai, vibing to Bollywood beats, or drenching each other in gulaal. But hey, let's not forget the aftermath of the Holi celebration. Let's face it, nobody wants to end up feeling like a soggy mess or fall prey to bad hygiene blues! Holi might get messy, but that doesn't mean we have to compromise on hygiene.  

Before diving into Holi celebrations, let's arm ourselves with some pre and post-holi hacks. It's all about using safe products, ensuring clean surroundings, and taking care of personal hygiene.

So, hold your water balloons and take a moment for some simple tips. 


Do Me A Favour, Let’s Play Holi! ( But prep your skin first! )

Before you dive into the colourful chaos of Holi, it's crucial to follow a Holi skincare routine - 

  •  Coat your body and hair with a generous layer of coconut or almond oil to shield against harsh colours, while also making them easier to wash off later. 
  • While it's advisable to oil your face too, skip it if you have oily or acne-prone skin. 
  • Opt for full-sleeved clothing to minimize exposure to heat and excessive colours. Tie your hair in a braid or bun to reduce damage.
  • Apply a gentle coat of nail polish to safeguard your nails from colour stains. 
  • Don't forget to moisturize the area around your cuticles with some petroleum jelly or castor oil for added protection.
  • Steer clear of heavy makeup to prevent skin irritation. Instead, you can focus on a fresh, natural look that complements the vibrant colours of Holi.
  •  Prioritize sun protection by slathering on waterproof sunscreen to shield your skin from the sun's rays and the heat of the festivities.

Take these Holi skin care precautions right before you start the fun! 

Is Holi Arriving Hand In Hand With Your Periods?

To all the menstruators, we hear you! If your period decides to join the Holi celebration, worry not – we've got some handy tips to keep you feeling fresh and fabulous:

  • Ditch your regular pads. Instead, opt for reliable menstrual cups or tampons, ensuring protection without leaks or stains.
  • Prioritize your hygiene with quality alternatives like tampons or cups from our wide range of menstrual care products.
  • You can also try out some eco-friendly period care with reusable menstrual cups, offering up to 12 hours of protection with medical-grade silicone material, ensuring sustainability and cost-effectiveness.
  • To combat period cramps, trust the Cramp Relief Roll On, infused with herbal properties to ease discomfort and ensure you feel your best throughout the celebrations.


Now, It's Time To Clear The Holi Mess! 

Once the Holi madness is winding down, the cleanup game starts! However, nature's call doesn't wait for party schedules! The good news is that we've got your back even in the washroom department!

  • With trusty Disposable Toilet Seat Covers backing you up, you can be free from the worry of splashes and germs. Simply unwrap, place, pee, and dispose of it. 
  •  For an extra layer of protection don't forget to carry a Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray – the hero weapon. It works its magic in under 10 seconds, clearing away the germs and leaving behind a delightful fragrance as a bonus!

With the right toilet products, you can ensure a clean and happy washroom for yourself and for everyone else. 


Let’s Face The Colours - Holi Skincare Routine Post Celebration 

  1. Get rid of those stubborn colours and dirt by lathering up with a mild soap and using a gentle scrub with a loofah. 
  2. Keep those locks silky smooth by treating them to a nourishing hair mask or indulging in a tender scalp massage. 

FURR's scalp massager is your go-to tool for stimulating hair growth and blood circulation while giving you a relaxing scalp massage in just a few strokes.

  1. Bid farewell to colour-stained faces with a good cleanser, a soothing face mask or other Holi skin care products Remember to be gentle and avoid excessive scrubbing to prevent irritation.
  2. After your refreshing bath, slather on a generous layer of moisturizer to hydrate and replenish your skin. Don't forget to show some extra love to areas like elbows, knees, and feet, which tend to get dry easily.

In A Nutshell

Holi celebration is all about fun and laughter, so make every moment count. But remember, the best memories are the ones made with safety in mind. Whether it's the vibrant gulaal, Holi skincare products or your personal hygiene products, stick to the safe ones. And don't forget the golden rule – stay hydrated throughout the festivities. 

Here's to a safe, colourful, and unforgettable Holi! 


✍️ This article was curated by Priya Agarwal

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