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How To Get Rid Of Period Cramps?


Some menstruating individuals experience excruciatingly painful period cramps, whereas others don’t even realize that they are going through any cramps during their periods. Managing periods by consuming painkillers to get rid of period cramps can be harmful to your body.

These painkillers are allopathic medicines that can help in alleviating your period cramps instantly; however, they can cause constipation, vomiting, irregular heartbeat, and chest tightening. Painkillers provide relief for a short period of time, but these side effects may last for a comparatively longer period. You don’t want an addition to your already existing pain and discomfort; therefore, you should avoid consuming painkillers.

Now, you might think if there’s an alternative to it that provides instant relief and involves easy application. Don’t worry, we have got you covered! But before that, let us understand period cramps.

What are period cramps?

During menstruation, the uterus contracts its lining in order to expel the menstrual blood. It causes period cramps that feel like a throbbing pain in the lower abdomen. These period cramps can cause extreme discomfort to many menstruators, resulting in hindrances in their day-to-day activities.

How to reduce period cramps?

In order to alleviate the pain of period cramps instantly without any side effects, the following products can be used:

Feminine Cramp Relief Roll On

The feminine cramp relief roll on is a solution that is made up of ayurvedic ingredients such as satva pudina and eucalyptus oil. It provides relief from period cramps and absorbs easily into your skin. 

You can apply it on your lower abdomen, lower back, and thighs to reduce your menstrual cramps. Additionally, it leaves no stain on your clothes.

How To Use Feminine Cramp Relief Roll-On?

It is very simple and easy to use it. Follow these basic steps while using the cramp relief roll-on:

  1. Gently apply the roll-on onto the skin where you are experiencing period cramps.
  2. Wait for a few minutes to let it absorb completely.
  3. Make sure that you apply only 3 ml.

This period cramp relief roll-on will relax your muscles, reducing the period cramps.

Feminine Herbal Relief Patch

The feminine herbal relief patch provides instant relief from period cramps. It is made from herbal ingredients such as peppermint satva, cinnamon, shallaki guggul, and tailaparni. This instant cramp relief formula helps in alleviating period cramps for up to 12 hours. Also, it has no side effects on your body.

How To Use A Herbal Relief Patch?

Using a herbal relief patch requires minimal effort. Follow these instructions while using this patch:

  • Make sure that the skin on your lower abdomen or lower back is dry.
  • Peel off the protective liner on the patch. 
  • Place the patch on the affected area uniformly. 

Keep yourself away from the excruciating pain of period cramps by using a herbal relief patch.


Period cramps can be very painful and you might opt for painkillers to get instant relief. However, these painkillers provide relief for a short period and may result in side effects such as constipation, vomiting, irregular heartbeat, and chest tightening. It may result in a very uncomfortable period experience, so you should avoid consuming painkillers. Alternatively, you can use a period cramp relief roll-on or a herbal relief patch. They are safe to use as they are made up of natural ingredients. Additionally, they provide instant relief with minimal effort. To know more, visit the Pee Safe website.


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