3 Must-Have Products for New Moms

3 Must-Have Products for New Moms


Shop smart for yourself with this checklist 

During pregnancy, mothers often get caught in the whirlwind of products they need to procure for their newborn. They underestimate the transition of becoming new parents and tend to sideline the immediate needs that may arise during their own recovery. In the first few months, new moms are mostly doing their best to keep their baby fed and dressed in clean clothes. While a fancy burp cloth and the comfiest diapers may seem like the most important things to buy, they will quickly fall to the bottom of the list when new moms are faced with a multitude of difficulties.

We have curated a list of products that will prove useful to new moms and make their journey of motherhood blissful.

1. Maternity Pads: 

After giving birth, moms develop lochia and postpartum hemorrhage which can last as long as 3 weeks. Maternity pads come in handy when dealing with the inconsistent and excessive flow. With their wider backs, elastic sides and quick absorbent feature, Pee Safe Maternity Pads make for a smart choice for all new moms.

maternity care

2. Breast Pump:

Being a new mom while working can be tough. In order to not deprive the little ones of the benefits of a mother’s milk, the need to conserve the milk arises. In such cases, a breast pump can prove to be a blessing. It is also especially helpful if the baby is unable to latch on properly. With a soft cushion, unique, compact and lightweight design, the Manual Breast Pump by Pee Safe is an excellent choice for all new moms. The large flanges of the pump  make the process both comfortable and painless for the new mom. Moreover, the Pee Safe Pump comes with an airtight 150ml storage container for conveniently storing milk.

breast pump

3. Breast Pads:

Breast pads are lifesavers for nursing moms as they draw excessive milk from the skin, preventing leakages and discomfort. Disposable pads are ideal as they can be tossed after use, saving mothers from the burden of washing them. So, if you’re seeking high quality disposable breast pads, you must consider the Pee Safe Disposable Breast pads. These pads come in a pack of 24  that provide cushioning, are highly absorbent and completely unnoticeable underneath clothing

breast pad

As a parent, one must always opt for products that are safe and hygienic for their baby. The products indicated above are ideal for new moms, making their lives much easier and more comfortable.


This Blog is written by Divyansh Mehta.

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