Gold Medalist Manu Bhaker becomes the new face of Pee Safe.

Gold Medalist Manu Bhaker becomes the new face of Pee Safe.


“I have four more years left in junior and I plan to shoot all these four years. I want to shoot both junior and senior simultaneously and gain as much experience as possible,” said Manu Bhaker, the Youngest Indian Shooter and Gold Medallist at Commonwealth Games 2018 & ISSF World Cup. Born in Jhajjar, Haryana, Manu is only 16 years old.

She already has a calendar full of various events and is currently playing in junior and senior categories, wanting to continue in the junior category for four more years. The teenage shooter has always had natural instinct towards sports including boxing, tennis and Thang-ta, a Manipuri martial art. Bhaker was dissuaded from pursuing boxing after her mother discovered that Manu had a swollen lip after one particular boxing session, as reported on the website, Scroll.

Bhaker finished on top of the podium with a CWG world record score of 240.9 in women's 10m air pistol. The young player is actively engaged as her calendar is full of various events. The next big tournaments in her schedule are senior and junior World Cups in Germany — Munich and Suhl — followed by a tournament in the Czech Republic.

Recently, she was roped in by Pee Safe as a Brand Ambassador. Speaking about her association with Pee Safe Bhaker said that she has been concerned about her hygiene issues ever since she has started playing. Also, this is not an issue that is faced by only her but many others and required a solution. She added saying that Pee Safe is a brand that solves the problem of unhygienic sanitation at public washrooms as well as home. With her ability to ‘perform and achieve’ at international sports events, she is considered as the inspiration for young sports players and the ideal choice for the evolving, progressive Indian population. To read in detail about her association with Pee Safe follow the link to the latest report by The Indian Express:

Pee Safe is India’s leading daily hygiene brand helping India to fight health issues brought on by unhygienic conditions in washrooms. With Pee Safe, people feel more comfortable in using public washrooms as it provides them with a germ-free and insta-hygiene experience.  Presently, Pee Safe is available at 12 online stores and 2500+ offline stores in 16 cities in India, marking a revolution in the healthcare industry. The brand today operates as India’s highest selling daily hygiene brand and is owned by Redcliffe Hygiene Pvt. Ltd. It offers products like Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray in Mint and Lavender Aroma, PalmSafe Hand Sanitizer. Also, recently Natural Intimate Wash and Wipe has been added to their range of personal  hygiene  products.

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