Be Safe While Using Public Toilets with PeeSafe

Be Safe While Using Public Toilets with PeeSafe


Be it spiders, cockroaches or heights, when we talk about things women are afraid of, using public toilets come on the top. It’s like a pool of filth occupied by many germs and bacteria restricting ladies to put their butts on it. Not only this, it brings infections & diseases like parasitic infection & more. With this, it becomes very important to know the ways to sanitize a public toilet seat.

Sanitize with disinfectant sprays

This is an easy and handy way to sanitize the public toilet seat and can be carried in pocket or purse. Use these disposable wipes to clean flush-handle and toilet seats in public restrooms.  Some brands also offer portable disinfectant kits especially for traveling. Simply flush it after use. Before using a sanitary wipe always check the label on the wipe packet before flushing to avoid clogging. Carrying small alcohol wipes will also do as it kills lots of germs and bacteria on the toilet seat. Just wipe the seat thoroughly & let it dry.

Well, a toilet seat sanitizer spray is a better option than wipes as you need not touch it by hand. Simply spray it on the seat and let it dry for maximum one minute or as directed on the bottle. Wipe the solution before use. It makes the toilet seat germ-free and safe to use.

Sanitize with Toilet Seat Covers

Some public toilets offer toilet seat covers available in the holders or on the walls. These are made up of lightweight wax and can be placed gently over the seat. Placing it correctly is more important with the center tab hanging down into the water. With this, it will be flushed on its own without touching.

Do not to be afraid of using public toilets! Now you have a solution! Be safe & secure!

This has been written by Harshal Agarwal and was published earlier in Jul 2013 on

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