Hygiene Gift Set by Pee Safe

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Think about all the women in your life – be it your girlfriend, your best friend, your colleague, your sister, mother, daughter, or anyone else – there’s always space for us to care a little more for them. If you’re a professional, you may come across many women employees in your everyday life. In fact we all witness talented women increasingly inhabiting top-ranking roles in every industry, every organization. And what a matter of pride that is! While we acknowledge their efforts each day, let’s do something tad special for them.

Mostly all women face several hassles in everyday personal & professional life on accord of just being a woman – like working with periods cramps, being the perfect homemaker during those troublesome days too, going the family way and still holding the fort at work; so on & so forth.

We at PeeSafe, felt like curating the perfect Women’s Day Gift for all the wonderful women out there. A Hygiene Kit of Periods Cramp Relief Roll On, PeeSafe Toilet Seat Sanitizer and Pollution Safe (Anti-Pollution Face Mist) – basically a beautifully gift wrapped kit that takes care of all their hygiene needs. Let’s save your hassles and bestow this perfect gift to them with just one click!

PeeSafe Toilet Seat Sanitizer – Sanitizes toilet seat and kills 99.9% germs in just 10 seconds. With an amazing Mint fragrance, this is a hygiene essential that every woman needs.

Feminine Cramps Relief Roll On – This Ayurvedic Roll On helps relieve period pain with gentle application over abdomen, lower back or thighs. Let’s make their periods pain-free in the most caring and easy manner.

Pollution Safe Anti-Pollution Face Mist– This Anti-Pollution Face Mist is a-must grooming product for every modern girl who’s out and about living her life to the fullest. Just one spray helps safeguard skin against the harms of pollution.

We know you love this already. So cart it right away and make this Women’s Day the sweetest and safest for all our talented divas!

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Hygiene gift set

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Loved it and gonna order more ... soon❤️


Hygiene Gift Set by Pee Safe


Hygiene Gift Set by Pee Safe

Hygiene Gift Set by Pee Safe

Excellent product easy to use fresh smell

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