Pee Safe Undeniable Care Pack

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This Gift Pack Includes:

-1 A ­­­­silk satin bag

-1 Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray (Mint)

-1 Palm Safe Hand Sanitizer (Mint)

-1 Pollution Safe Anti-Pollution Face Mist

-1 Feminine Cramp Relief Roll On


  • A silk satin bag – The products will be packed inside a hand tailored silk satin bag with mother of pearl bead on the cord and accentuation of the bag with small glass beads on the side specially designed for our limited-edition Rakhi series. This stylish bag can be repurposed and makes for an attractive ethnic accessory.
  • Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray (Mint) – This spray disinfects toilet seats within 10 seconds and kills 99.9% germs, reducing the risk of UTIs. The refreshing minty fragrance helps with reeking washrooms, making your visit much more pleasant.
  • Palm Safe Hand Sanitizer (Mint) – Our alcohol-free hand sanitizer includes no chemicals yet does the work of killing 99.9% germs in seconds. The subtle mint fragrance leaves you with hands that are not only clean and soft, but sweet-smelling as well.
  • Pollution Safe Anti-Pollution Face Mist – Air pollution and smog are major causes for early ageing, acne, dark spots and blemishes. Lightly spritzing the mist over your face before heading out lends a protective shield to your skin. This refreshing mist is enriched with rose water and botanical extracts.
  • Feminine Cramp Relief Roll-on – This is a herbal stain-free roll-on that provides continuous and instant relief from the painful cramps that often accompany periods. It is infused with Ayurvedic extracts and contains no harmful chemicals.