Toilet Seat Sanitizer 300 ML (Mint) - Pack of 5

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Toilet Seat Sanitizer - Mint (300ml) x 5
Toilet Seat Sanitizer - Mint
The Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray acts as a saviour for women prone to infections such as UTI. In a matter of seconds, the spray sanitizes the toilet seat from all kinds of bacteria and germs and ensures a better toilet experience. It lets you pee safe. The spray is handy and your perfect travel companion.

 Key Features:
  • Protection against germs - Sanitizes the toilet seat and other surfaces from germs and bacteria
  • Disinfects within seconds - The surface disinfects within 10 seconds of spraying
  • Deodorizes the surroundings - Mint fragrance deodorizes the surroundings and gets rid of any bad odour
  • Easy to carry - The spray is handy and a perfect travel companion