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The Period All Rounder (L)

Menstrual Cup, Cramp Relief Roll On, Aloe Vera Panty Liners, Intimate Wash & Wipes

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The Period All Rounder (L)Reusable Menstrual Cup - Large (1N)The Period All Rounder (L)The Period All Rounder (L)The Period All Rounder (L)The Period All Rounder (L)
  • You deserve complete care on all days! Packed with your everyday hygiene & period essentials, the Period All-rounder takes care of it all.
  • Stay refreshed & cool all day with the pH balanced Intimate Wash & Wipes. From periods to period spotting, there's a product for all your needs!
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    • The Reusable Menstrual cups are the most economical menstrual product so far. The cup is made of Medical Grade Silicone. Provides Upto 12 hours of protection. These Reusable Menstrual Cups are available in 3 sizes - Extra Small, Small and Large.
    • These cups can hold up to 26 ml of blood and no, it doesn’t leak and instead provide protection for up to 12 hours. On an average, we bleed just about 20 ml a day but remember the thumb rule with any period products; keep a check every 4-5 hours.
    • The best part? One cup lasts for a minimum of five years !
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    • In a lifetime, our vaginas go through a lot and some natural care is all they need and deserve.
    • Pee Safe Natural Intimate Wash is an Ayurvedic product. It's 100% free of alcohol making it the safest and the purest wash for your genitals. It consists of 4 natural ingredients; Witch Hazel Extracts, Palasa (Butea Fronds), Ficus Glomerata, and Tea Tree Essential Oil.
    • The wash is antimicrobial and targets other health benefits without negatively impacting the natural vulvovaginal microbiota. The Paraben & Sulfate free formula ensures the safest experience.
    • It helps maintain the right pH balance to fortify the natural defenses against bad bacteria and promotes natural flora within your vagina.
    • The extremely mild lemongrass fragrance will keep you feeling good, itch-free, and fresh all day. The wash maintains a pH balance: 3.5 to 4.5
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    • Everyone has encountered a smelly, unhygienic washroom experience and Intimate Wipes were made to tackle these situations.
    • While for the smell and the toilet seat, you can always use our Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray but when it comes to cleaning your vagina after finishing up your business, Natural Intimate Wipes do the trick like no other.
    • Using a bare toilet paper roll is satan's work and you shouldn't have to do that ever again.
    • These natural Intimate wipes are made of viscose, the softest touch for your intimate area, and are free of alcohol, paraben, or sulfate.
    • A way to keep your genitals feeling fresh even in situations that make you squirm.
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    • Feminine Cramp Relief Roll On is an innovative 100% herbal stain-free roll on that provides continuous relief from menstrual cramps. The cramp relief easily gets absorbed into the skin and doesn’t leave any stain over your clothes or residue/oil over your body. It can be applied over Lower Abdomen, Lower Back and thighs during menstruation days.
    • You just need to roll the period cramp relief roll on over the affected area in the manner of gentle strokes and pain will be alleviated in just a few minutes. It can be applied over Lower Abdomen, Lower Back and thighs during menstruation days.
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    • Do you ever notice white discharge in your panties sometimes? Especially right before the beginning of the period. With an extra cottony-soft surface and a curvy design for your extra comfort, Pee Safe is here with Aloe Vera Panty Liners. These panty liners can also be used around the days of your periods in order to avoid spotting and white discharge.
    • With an extra cottony-soft surface and a curvy design for extra comfort, the Pee Safe panty liners are 185 mm wide, providing optimum coverage and a subtle fragrance that keeps you dry and fresh all day long.
    • Panty Liners are similar to sanitary napkins albeit thinner they can be used on a daily basis to avoid extra discharges. Just like pads remove the paper from the back and place it on your panty. For disposing of the liner, use a paper to roll it and throw it in the dustbin. Do not flush for it may clog the drain.
    • A perfect solution to not just conquer your way to personal hygiene but also to remain fresh the entire day. You heard it here first!


    Is the Intimate Powder talc-free?

    No, the product has Indian Pharmacopoeia (IP) grade talc in very less amount. However, it is Asbestos free and completely safe.

    How to use Cramp Relief Roll-On?

  • Roll on gentle strokes over the affected areas
  • Use a maximum 3 ml in a period of 12 hours
  • To be used externally on skin only
  • Do not apply near genitals Wait few minutes after application for relief Can be applied over Lower Abdomen, Lower Back & Thighs

    How to use Natural Intimate Wash?

  • Pour a few drops on to your hand to form lather
  • Apply to external vaginal area
  • Rinse thoroughly.
  • How to use Natural Intimate Wipes?

  • Pull out the all natural intimate.
  • Wipe and gently cleanse your intimate from front to back.
  • Please dispose after one time use.
  • Can I sleep in the cup?

    You can wear your cup for up to 12 hours, which makes it safe to sleep in. You only have to be concerned if you have a heavy flow and may require to change it sooner than that. This is something you'll be able to know when you start using the cup and once you understand the flow of your cycle.

    Additional Information

    Feminine Cramp Relief Roll-On

  • Manufacturer - Unexo Laboratories Pvt Ltd , 9/42, Industrial Area Shalamar, Delhi, 110088
  • Country Of Origin - India
  • Shelf Life - 36 months
  • Natural Intimate Wash

  • Manufacturer - Kenlife Care Plot No 13/03/01, Industrial Area, Kumedi, M.R. 10, Indore 452015, Madhya Pradesh
  • Country Of Origin - India
  • Shelf Life - 24 months
  • Natural Intimate Wipes

  • Manufacturer - Indochem Laboratories, A-2/2, Industrial Area, Gorwa, Vadodara-390016, Gujarat, India
  • Country Of Origin- India
  • Shelf Life - 24 months
  • Reusable Menstrual Cup

  • Manufacturer - Chemco Plastic Industries Pvt. Ltd. , Survey No. 227/1/1, Village, Sayali Silvassa - 396230, India
  • Shelf Life - 60 months
  • Country of Origin - India
  • Other Ingredients - Medical grade silicone
  • Aloe Vera Panty Liners

  • Manufacturer - K A ENTERPRISES - Indore, 35/1, Industrial Premises, Shukla Brother Warehouse, Sanwar Road, Gram-Jhakia, Indore - 453555
  • Shelf Life - 36 months
  • Country of Origin - India
  • Other Ingredients - Non-woven Cover, Adhesives PE Backing, Silicon-Coated Paper
  • .

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