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Self Care For Her Combo

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Self Care For Her ComboSelf Care For Her ComboSelf Care For Her ComboSelf Care For Her ComboSelf Care For Her ComboSelf Care For Her Combo

Self Care For Her Combo

Give her the comfort & safety of hygiene with Pee Safe's essentials! The combo is packed with your everyday intimate hygiene & body care essentials.

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  • Natural Intimate Wipes

    Pee Safe’s Natural Intimate Wipes have a skin-friendly pH and are made of viscose. They are made from natural ingredients and freshen the intimate area. The intimate wipes contain tea tree which acts as antibacterial and antifungal. It also contains aloe vera which soothes the skin. These wipes are chemical-free. The natural essence of tea tree in these wipes makes the experience even better.

    Wipes Key Features:
    • Soft wipes made from viscose
    • Skin friendly pH
    • Alcohol-Free
    • Paraben and SLS Free
    • Tea Tree Essential Oil and Lactic Acid
    • Hypoallergenic
  • Natural Intimate Wash (1N)

    Pee Safe’s Natural Intimate Wash is a natural product, ideal for daily use. It contains the safest and purest ingredients. The intimate wash is antimicrobial and has a lemongrass fragrance. It is pH balanced and has been dermatologically tested. The wash will also keep you feeling itch-free and fresh all day.

    Wash Key Features:
    • Natural ingredients for special care
    • Daily usage helps prevent itchiness, irritation, and dryness
    • Lemongrass fragrance
    • Lactic Acid free
    • 100% alcohol-free
    • Dermatologically Tested
  • Natural Intimate Powder

    Pee Safe’s Natural Intimate Powder is safe for the skin and prevents dryness. It soothes irritation, making it ideal for chafed skin. The intimate powder is also dermatologically tested and has a lemongrass fragrance. It contains Vitamin E and is anti-fungal.

    Key Features:
    • Safe For Skin
    • Prevents Dryness And Soothe Irritation
    • Treats Chafed Skin
    • Prevents Fungal Infections
    • All seasons call for the same thing ー a refreshing bath followed by smooth and glowing skin. The Furr Natural Body Wash provides you with exactly that, making it the perfect addition to your shower essentials.

    • This cruelty-free body wash, made from natural ingredients, gently cleanses and hydrates your skin. Ditch those soaps that make your skin dry and scaly. Instead use our body wash that hydrates your skin, makes it soft, supple, and keeps you fresh all day. Made with the goodness of Ylang Ylang oil, it provides your skin with the much needed love.

    • Indulge in a foamy shower with Furr Natural Body Wash.

  • Whether you had a long day or a good night’s sleep, a shower is all you need sometimes. You step into the shower with all your bath essentials, especially your new body wash that you’ve been waiting to try out, except for just one thing — a pretty, soft loofah.

  • Introducing Furr Exfoliating Loofah, a gentle and hypoallergenic essential that creates a rich lather, giving you a refreshing shower experience.

    All you’ve got to do is, dampen the loofah with water, add a few drops of the body wash, spread the foam evenly and use it on the body.

  • After a gentle, exfoliating shower, step out with a glow like never before.


What is Intimate wipes made of?

They are made from viscose which includes tea tree essential oil making them extremely soft and comfortable to use.

Are there any chemicals in Intimate wipes?

Pee Safe's wipes are made of natural ingredients and are alcohol free making them completely free from chemicals.

What is Intimate wash made of?

The all natural intimate wash is rich in botanics. It includes tea tree essential oil, Palasa powder, Witch Hazel and Lemongrass.

Are there any chemicals in intimate wash?

There are no chemicals in our all natural alcohol free intimate wash.

Does the powder cause any chafing?

Our intimate powder is dermatologically tested and proven to be anti-chafing.

Can the intimate powder be applied to wet skin?

We recommend using the powder when your skin is clean and dry.

Does this body wash moisturise the skin?

Yes, this body wash removes excess oils and leaves your skin feeling smooth and moisturised.

Will I get any rashes after using the body wash?

The body wash is made from natural ingredients, reducing the chances of rashes. However, we advise you to conduct a patch test and discontinue using the product if it irritates your skin.

Is it important to use a loofah with body wash?

Yes, a loofah helps exfoliate and creates a richer lather than your hands. And Hypoallergenic Exfoliating Loofah is the perfect one to add in your bath essentials.

Additional Information

Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Natural Intimate Wipes

  • Manufacturer - Indochem Laboratories, A-2/2, Industrial Area, Gorwa, Vadodara-390016, Gujarat, India
  • Shelf Life - 24 months
  • Country of Origin - India

  • Daily Natural Intimate Wash For Women
  • Manufacturer - Kenlife Care Plot No 13/03/01, Industrial Area, Kumedi, M.R. 10, Indore 452015, Madhya Pradesh, License no. MP/25D/15/359
  • Country Of Origin - India
  • Shelf Life - 24 months

  • Intimate Powder
  • Manufacturer - Shivom Industries Private Limited, Plot No. 72, Govt. Industrial Estate, Village -Khadoli, Silvassa, 396 230 (D & NH).
  • Country Of Origin- India
  • Best Before - 36 months

  • Hemp & Ylang Ylang Natural Body Wash (200 ml)
  • Manufacturer - AG Industries, A- 185 & B-55, Sector - 83, Noida-201305, UP, India
  • Country Of Origin- India
  • Best Before - 24 months

  • Hypoallergenic Exfoliating Loofah (1N)
  • Manufacturer - Chemco Plastic Industries Pvt Ltd, Survey No. 227/1/1, Village Sayali, Silvasa - 396230 India.
  • Shelf Life - 36 months
  • Country of Origin - India
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