Raho Safe Fruit and Vegetable Wash

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Wash vegetables and fruit with water is never enough before consumption, as it can never be enough to remove dirt and wash off any harmful germs. In this situation, Raho Safe Fruit and Vegetable Wash is the perfect choice to clean your fruits and vegetables every time you go back home from grocery shopping.

The Nano boost technology used to make this wash easily removes dirt, grease and germs from all of your vegetables and fruits and helps you put your germ-related concerns to the back seat. The wash is 100% natural and does not contain any kind of chemical, soap or alcohol.

Raho Safe Fruit and Vegetable Wash is safe for use and does not leave behind any smell, residue and aftertaste on your eatables after use.

Key Features

Cleans vegetables and fruit - One stop solution for cleaning vegetables and fruit
Removes germs, dirt and grease - Removes all forms of germs, dirt, wax and grease off your vegetables and fruits
Chemical-free - The wash is 100% chemical free
Balanced pH - Fruit and Vegetable wash is perfectly pH balanced