Pollution Safe Anti Dust Mask 5 Ply (Pack of 3)

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Keeping yourself and your family safe from exposure to any kind of germs or bacteria around us should be your priority. This responsibility is taken care of by Pollution Safe Anti Pollution 5 Ply Dust Mask. The 5-layer mask helps you to stay protected from harmful bacteria and germs at all times. The layers used to make this mask ensures comfort even during hot summer days and keeps the moisture at bay. 

Each layer of this mask serves a different purpose to safeguard your face: 
Layer 1: Printed spun bond - Helps to absorb extra moisture 
Layer 2: Melt blown filter - Filters dust particles from entering
Layer 3: Non-woven spun bond - Gets rid of odour and other toxic gases 
Layer 4: Hot air cotton - Filters dust particles and moisture present around us
Layer 5: Non-woven spun bond - Ensures comfort even during hot summer days. 
Key Features:
  • Dust filtration - Extra layer helps to filter out dust particles
  • 5 layer mask - The mask is made of 5 layers, each of which serves a different purpose 
  • Easy to use - Helps easy breathing and reduces build-up of heat and moisture 
  • Universal Fit - one size fits all