Intimate Care Pack For Women

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Intimate Powder x 1 
Intimate Wipes for Women (pack of 4) x 1
Intimate Wash (105ml) x 1 
Intimate Wash (27ml) x 2

  1. Intimate Powder
Pee Safe Intimate Powder is dermatologically tested and provides the best intimate experience. With clotrimazole IP and Vitamin E as the key ingredients for this product, all risks of infection and other health hazards are eliminated
Key Features: 
  • Lemongrass fragrance - Infused with lemongrass fragrance for a fresh feeling
  • Prevents dryness - Vitamin E helps to combat dryness and soothe irritation
  • Treats chafed skin - Perfect for both the prevention and treatment of chafed skin
  • Dermatologically tested - The powder is good for all skin types

 2. Intimate Wipes
The wipes are made of viscose, making them extremely soft and easy to use. Cleans and refreshes your intimate area without any hassle. These wipes are free of Alcohol, Paraben and SLS.
Key features:
  • Soft and comfortable use - The wipes are made of viscose, making them soft to use
  • Skin friendly pH formula - A balanced pH formula ensures that your skin is moisturized
  • Alcohol free - The wipes are 100% alcohol free
  • Hypoallergenic - These wipes are unlikely to cause an allergic reaction

3. Natural Intimate Wash
Pee Safe Natural Intimate Wash is 100% alcohol free and has targeted antimicrobial and other health benefits without negatively affecting the natural vulvovaginal microbiota. This ensures a safe and gentle experience for your vaginal area. 

 Key Features: 
  • Natural ingredients - Made of natural ingredients for special care
  • Prevents rash and irritation - Daily use helps prevent itching, irritation and dryness
  • Lemongrass fragrance - The fragrance keeps you fresh and clean all day long
  • pH balanced formula - pH balanced formula ensures that your skin is moisturized