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With the outbreak of certain viruses, this season has been tough on people. Many people have lost their lives as they were careless in terms of looking after their hygiene. It is always better to be careful than to regret later. And with an aim to provide better hygiene protection, Pee Safe has rolled out an 'All Round Protection' Pack to look after the minor needs of the people.

1. Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray (300 ML, 1 x Mint and 1 x Lavender) x 2
The Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray protects you from germs and infections on the toilet seat and is your handy hygiene essential and one of the items you cannot leave home without. The lightweight bottle of Pee Safe is the perfect companion while traveling. It kills germs, reduces the risk of Urinary Tract Infections and fits in the bag easily. The vivid mint and lavender fragrance make your sanitation experience soothing.

2.  Neem Gel Hand Sanitizer (60 ML) x 2
In the midst of infections and viruses, Raho Safe Hand Sanitizer is a handy solution to keep all those germs at bay. It acts swiftly and protects from 99.9% of germs and other microorganisms present on your hand. The sanitizer would leave behind a natural fragrance of Neem making you feel clean and fresh until the next application. 

3. N99 Anti Pollution Dust Mask x 2
Pollution Safe N99 Anti Dust Mask comes with Anti Nicotine Bacterial Control. The carbon infused fabric prevents entry of all the toxic smokes and bacterial contaminants. Filters out as low as 2.5 particulate matter. Our mask will keep you healthy in unfavourable conditions. Anti pollution dust mask includes 5 layers for efficient filtration of non-oily particles like dust, microorganisms, toxic gases or odours.