Anti-Pollution Dust Mask 5 Ply (Pack of 3)

Rs. 499 Rs. 747
This is a Non Surgical Mask
We are all aware of prevention is better than cure and it is time to follow that to the T. Keeping yourself and your family safe from any kind of exposure to germs or bacteria present around us should be your priority. This mask will able you to make these choices.

Key Features
  • Filters out 95% of the toxins.
  • 5 layers - The mask is made of 5 layers, each serving a different purpose.
  • Valve - Helps in easy breathing and reduces build of heat and humidity.
  • Universal Fit - Fits all above 11 years of age. 
1st Layer - Absorbs unwanted moisture and provides fresh air
2nd Layer - Filters dust and bacteria present in the air
3rd Layer - Filters fine particles 
4th Layer - Filters micro elements in the air
5th Layer - A soft layer to make it a comfortable wear 

Directions To Use
While putting it on, ensure the valve is on the left side of your face and the mask covers the full face from the bridge of your nose till your chin.