Absolute Care Pack

Rs. 499 Rs. 638

This Gift Pack includes:

-1 A ­­­­100% Organic Cotton bag

-1 Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray (Lavender)

-1 Palm Safe Hand Sanitizer (Strawberry)

-1 Natural Intimate Wash (105 ml)

-1 Feminine Cramp Relief Roll On

  • A 100% Organic Cotton bag –The products will be packed inside a hand tailored fun and poppy orange cotton bag with delicate yellow bead embellishments to make the bag look more delicate and beautiful bag specially designed for our limited-edition Rakhi series. This stylish bag can be repurposed and makes for an attractive ethnic accessory.

  • Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray (Lavender) – This spray disinfects toilet seats within 10 seconds and kills 99.9% germs, reducing the risk of UTIs. The refreshing Lavender fragrance helps with reeking washrooms, making your visit much more pleasant.
  • Palm Safe Hand Sanitizer (Strawberry) – Our alcohol-free hand sanitizer includes no chemicals yet does the work of killing 99.9% germs in seconds. The subtle strawberry fragrance leaves you with hands that are not only clean and soft, but sweet-smelling as well.
  • Pee Safe Natural Intimate Wash – Our intimate wash is alcohol free and comes with the goodness of Ayurveda to take utmost care of your intimate hygiene. Its lactic acid formula maintains the right pH balance for your sensitive area, and shields you from UTIs.
  • Feminine Cramp Relief Roll-on – This is a herbal stain-free roll-on that provides continuous and instant relief from the painful cramps that occur monthly. It is infused with Ayurvedic extracts and contains no harmful chemicals.