Pee Safe Pregnancy Box

Rs. 2,608
The pregnancy box has been designed for mothers to be. This box is the only thing you need to survive initial motherhood. We have prioritized the needs of mothers carefully by accurately choosing the products for this pack. The gift pack is the most convenient solution to ease out the journey or you can always bring it as a gift to a friend’s baby shower. 

The Box Contains 

Disposable Maternity Pads (XL) – Pack of 8
Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray (Mint) – 75 ML
Aloe Vera Panty Liners – Pack of 25
Disposable Breast Pads – Pack of 10
Disposable Sweat Pads – Folded, 7 Pairs 
Feminine Cramp Relief Roll-On – 10 ML x 2
Natural Intimate Wash – 27 ML x 4
Palm Safe Foam – 50 ML
Alcohol-Free Pocket-Size Hand Sanitizer Spray (Peppermint) – 18 ML
Alcohol-Free Pocket-Size Hand Sanitizer Spray( Strawberry) – 18 ML  
Natural Intimate Wipes – Pack of 10 x 4